Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you give me 100% guarantee that you will remove all the stains from my carpet with your deep carpet cleaning service?

A: We do not give guarantees for stain removal, because some stains are too old or have caused permanent damage to your carpets or upholstery and cannot be removed. Our cleaning technician will inspect the carpet before the cleaning and will inform you which stains can be removed and which ones cannot.

Q: How soon after upholstery cleaning can we use the furniture again?

A: Depending on the type of deep cleaning, the time may vary. If dry cleaning is used, no drying time is required. After steam cleaning, depending on the type of furniture, drying can take several hours. We can supply you with air movement machines to make the drying process faster.

Q: Is your one-off cleaning a full, top to bottom cleaning?

A: The one off cleaning service is hourly based. Our cleaners have a detailed cleaning checklist, and you can choose which tasks should be done first within the hours booked.

Q: Can you remove cat urine smell from my rug?

A: We can deep clean your rug with special enzyme-based detergents and methods which kill the bacteria and neutralise the foul odour from urine. Upon request we can deodorise your rug for an even nicer smell.

Q: I would like to be at home when you do the sofa cleaning but I am only free on Sundays, can you come on weekends?

A: Our cleaning services are available 365 days a year. We also have flexible cleaning time slots, for further convenience for our customers.

Q: I am thinking about booking your regular domestic cleaning service, but am a bit concerned with letting a stranger at home alone. Do you have any guarantees that my belongings will be safe with your cleaners?

A: All of our cleaning services are fully insured, and this is included in their price. Also, all of our cleaning technicians have been police background checked before being hired. They are all trained, experienced and periodically being monitored by their supervisors.

Q:I have a luxurious marble floor in my house, can you clean it safely?

A: Yes, our cleaners are trained, experienced and properly equipped to handle all kinds of hard floors. Also, all our cleaning services are fully insured.

Q: How do I prepare for my carpet cleaning session?

A: There is no need for preparation, except if possible to remove as much furniture as you can from the carpet, because we typically send 1 cleaner who cannot move heavy items. If there is furniture which cannot be moved, we will make sure the base or legs are protected with special pads.

Q: Can my pets safely sit on the sofa after the deep cleaning?

A: All of our solutions are Prochem certified, and are perfectly safe for people, pets and the environment, so don’t worry - it is safe.

Q: I have a specific cleaning request and several questions regarding your cleaning service, is there anyone who I can contact?

A: Yes, we have a useful and friendly 24/7 customer support centre. Contact it by calling 020 3404 5112 or online via the contact form here.