Upholstery Cleaners London Testimonials

Reviewed by Allan Watson on Nov 28, 2016

True, the steam cleaning machine was quite noisy, but the cleaning was fast and very well-organized. My rug was vacuumed, treated for stains and steam cleaned in less than 1 hour. It took just over 3 hours for it to dry, but the effect is superb!

Reviewed by Zoey Park on Sep 6, 2016

I was nervous about my beautiful white suede sofa getting cleaned, but thanks to the professionals from Upholstery Cleaners London it has been rejuvenated and cleaned perfectly, without absolutely any damage done to it in the process. I will be using this dry sofa cleaning service again!

Reviewed by Sarah Broad on Jun 22, 2016

I would like to thank Upholstery Cleaners London that they didn’t charge me extra when I had to switch the day and hour for my cleaning just 2 days before that. The customer care operator was very nice and understanding about it. I will definitely be recommending this company to my friends!

Reviewed by George Smith on May 2, 2016

I am very happy with the swift and efficient carpet cleaning service provided. My entire living room carpet was steam cleaned for less than an hour. Before that, the cleaner explained thoroughly which stains he can and which stains he cannot remove. I am amazed at how good my old wall to wall carpet looks now!

Reviewed by Paula Zahid on Nov 26, 2015

My son suffers from dust allergies, but ever since I started using the mattress cleaning services of Upholstery Cleaners London his nose has stopped running and he feels much better! The mattress cleaning is done with a special machine with UV light, and it actually takes about 15 minutes for all allergens to be destroyed! Will keep using this brilliant cleaning service!

Reviewed by Anna Simonov on Sep 11, 2015

My cat had had several “accidents” on my living room rug, so I called Upholstery Cleaners London as a last resort to get out that nasty pungent smell. I am actually quite surprised that now, 2 days after the deep steam rug cleaning, there is no sign of the urine smell. Also, my rug looks great and is softer than ever!

Reviewed by Peter Howards on Jun 4, 2015

I love the way the cleaners not only washed my terracotta tiles and the grout of my kitchen floor, but they also sealed it with a special solution, so now washing all spills is so much easier. The floor looks great, and all of the pretty colours are now standing out!

Reviewed by Patricia Simon on Apr 20, 2015

My life has become so much easier, and I have much more time to spend with my children after work - all thanks to the regular cleaning service I started using. The house has never looked cleaner, and all this at such a great price without advance payment. I will definitely keep using this service!

Reviewed by Barbara Maddison on Jan 5, 2015

My leather furniture has never looked better, after the professional cleaning done by Upholstery Cleaners London. The very polite cleaner gave me some nice maintenance advice to keep my sofa and armchairs looking rejuvenated and conditioned for longer.

Reviewed by Mariam Peters on Oct 13, 2014

I entrusted Upholstery Cleaners London to deep clean our house before I came back from the hospital with our new baby. I am amazed at the results from the one off deep cleaning. Everything looked and smelled new. Also, they assured me that no toxins and harmful chemicals were used, so now I feel safe to have my new born live at home.