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Cleaning Suede Sofa London

Suede sofa cleaning is a job best left to the professionals.

Suede and suede leather has natural oils, these oils can be removed in dry cleaning, the final part of the cleaning process replaces the lost oils, so that the garment returns to its original state. Popular suede sofas are painted leather finishes, this may not be apparent to the wearer, but they do may not clean well. Ball point pen ink can not be removed from painted finishes, because in doing so this will remove the paint as well. Alcohol spilled on Suede & Leather will stain and may not be removed in dry cleaning. When spilled on painted leather it could remove some of the paint, and whilst not necessarily noticeable before cleaning it will after cleaning as the soiling has been removed. Suede can change texture after cleaning and may well become less supple. This should improve after some hours of wear.

Severely soiled and dirty suede may not clean at all well.

As part of our suede cleaning process the garments are automatically treated with Scotchgard or equivalent silicone product. This will not make the garment waterproof, but will help to protect against soiling. New suede sofas should be Scotchgarded without being cleaned first.

So leave your Suede Sofa Cleaning to us, we understand that suede sofas and other upholstery made from suede, can be expensive and are notoriously difficult to maintain. With this in mind, we offer professional suede sofa cleaning cleaning services specifically developed for rare and delicate fabrics. Our on-site suede cleaning practices will leave your valuable pieces of furniture and other fabric-based home decor looking beautiful and brand-new for years to come.

Specialty Suede Sofa Upholstery Cleaning:

Our professional suede cleaning technicians use specialty chemicals which require only minimal amounts of moisture to complete the cleaning process. This reduces the risk of fabric stress and distension, and top-quality dry-cleaning chemicals are designed to remove even the toughest markings and stains.

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