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Upholstery Cleaners London offers high quality, professional cleaning services to all people, and local businesses and establishments in . We have only highly professional and reliable cleaners. They have all been thoroughly vetted and trained. We monitor their performance constantly. We provide fully insured cleaning services which are all done with Prochem certified, safe and environmentally friendly solutions, and modern and Upholstery Cleaning London Servicespowerful professional cleaning tools and machines.

People and enterprises prefer us because we guarantee:

  • 24/7 useful customer support service
  • An easy, quick and free booking process
  • Same day, emergency service available
  • We are available 365 days a year
  • Fixed prices, no hidden fees

You can receive a free price offer for the service or services which interest you right away. Just contact the 24/7 customer support staff by calling them at 020 3404 5112 or by sending them an online request here.

Services Which We Provide

Upholstery Cleaners London offers a wide range of cleaning services to the residents of . We offer deep carpet and upholstery cleaning, specialised suede and leather cleaning, regular cleaning which can be one-off or regular, hard floor cleaning and polishing, mattress cleaning, sofa steam cleaning, sofa dry cleaning, commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning and combined cleaning services. We work every day of the year an offer flexible cleaning hours for your comfort and convenience. The more services you combine - the bigger the discount you get from our prices.

More About our Cleaning Services

Sofa steam cleaning - Our cleaners are trained and equipped to clean just about any type of sofa, no matter the material of the upholstery. They are trained and experienced, and know exactly which detergent and cleaning method to use for every type of upholstery and for stain removal. Steam cleaning is done with a powerful hot water extraction machine. It helps sanitise the sofa, kill all dust mites and bacteria and remove the dirt and residue. Steam sofa cleaning is done only on sofas which can be washed with water without the risk of shrinking, their colours running and so on.

Sofa dry cleaning - This professional cleaning service is suitable for more delicate upholstery materials, such as: suede or silk. We use the latest Prochem certified dry cleaning solutions. Dry cleaning will rejuvenate your sofa. It is applied with a special high pressure machine, and the same machine removes the dry cleaning solution and the dirt stuck to it too. Dry sofa cleaning requires no drying time, so your sofa can be used right away after we are done.

Upholstery cleaning - We can clean all kinds of upholstery, including: wool, cotton, synthetic, organic fibre, silk, viscose, leather, suede, acrylic and others. We will remove any removable stains from your upholstered furniture and will help clean up any soiled areas for you. Depending on your request and the material of your upholstery either dry or steam deep upholstery cleaning will be provided by our experienced cleaning technicians.

Furniture cleaning - We are specialised in cleaning all kinds of upholstered furniture, including: sofas, loveseats, armchairs, stools and others. We use dry or steam cleaning to make your furniture look as good as new. Our cleaners come equipped with professional and yet safe and eco-friendly detergents, tools and machines necessary for the deep furniture cleaning service.

Mattress cleaning - We can steam clean your mattress to get all stains, dust, dust mites and other dirt out. We can also use an innovative mattress cleaning method with high intensity UV light. For about 15 minutes, your mattress will be perfectly sanitised and all microorganisms and allergens will be killed and removed. It has a residual effect which continues up to 72 hours following the cleaning.

Leather cleaning - Our cleaners can handle different types of leather upholstery, so that your favourite leather sofa and other furniture gets cleaned, rejuvenated and conditioned. Taking care of your leather sofa will prolong its life, and using the best leather conditioner will help keep it from cracking and flaking. Our cleaners can even fill some small existing cracks and flakes you may have.

Suede cleaning - Suede is delicate, so we treat it with the appropriate dry cleaning detergents only. If you book our suede cleaning services, you can sit back and relax comfortably while we safely handle your precious suede furniture. We use a special machine which embeds the detergent in the fibres of the suede upholstery but without damaging them. We can also remove a number of different stains from your suede upholstery - it is included in our cleaning price.

Domestic cleaning - Upholstery Cleaners London offers professional domestic cleaning services to the people of . We can provide you with regular or one-off regular domestic cleaning services. Our cleaners are equipped with everything necessary and work in accordance to a pre-approved checklist. The one off cleaning is an hourly based deep cleaning service, so the cleaners will clean whatever you want for the time booked. The regular domestic cleaning is either daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and is also done in accordance to a checklist.

Commercial cleaning - We serve the businesses of by providing them with all of our cleaning services, especially commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. We use perfectly safe detergents and can come and clean after work hours, on weekends or on bank holidays, so that the workflow is not disrupted. We work with various businesses in the area.

Carpet cleaning - Our professional carpet cleaning service is well known in the entire area. We can clean just about any type of carpet or rug. Our cleaners are equipped and experienced and can remove a wide variety of removable stains from your carpeting. We offer steam or dry deep carpet cleaning, depending on the type of carpet and your needs.

Hard floor polishing and cleaning - This service includes removing existing sealant or polish, cleaning and applying new sealant after the cleaning to just about any kind of indoor or outdoor hard floor. Our cleaners can clean: wood, stone, tiles, grout, granite, marble, ceramic and other flooring.

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To book one or more of our professional cleaning services contact us 24/7 at 020 3404 5112 or via the online form here. Your request will be processed promptly and we will send you an SMS and email to confirm. We are available 365 days a year. Booking ahead will get you preferential prices. Booking more than 1 of our services at a time will get you huge discounts.

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